Introducing Dynamic Property Sale


What is it?

Dynamic Property Sale – is a unique and proven sale method. Every property is different so we will come up with a custom plan of action in order to achieve the result you want

How does it work?

In today digital world we need to think outside the box and market your property through other
channels Like WeChat, Facebook, etc to get the best result

Do I need to pay for the marketing?

The short answer is Yes you do, but dont worry no budget is too small, you will receive Maximum market exposure  based on your marketing budget. 

It’s a highly competitive market and it pays to ensure your property stands out from the pack. The more interested buyers, the more likely you are to realise or exceed your sale price.

What if my property is already on the market

If that’s the case, we can still help you sell it – please visit our Last Minute Agent page here to see how we can help

What will I get?

Custom marketing plan to suit your property and your marketing budget
Newest marketing technology – not just a sign in the grass and window

How can I get started?

Very simple! please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with your custom Property Appraisal report within 2 business hours, I will also send you a custom marketing plan based on your property

Our Power is in Numbers

Unique Views

Average number of views per campaign

1 x
More than

Our competitors


Average number of enquiries per a property

FREE property value report

You will get an RP data property value report within 2 hours
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